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Naturally warm and attractive, woven wood shades are a beautiful hand-woven window covering. Woven from woods, grasses and bamboo, each fabric has its own unique character and charm. Environmentally friendly fabrics are offered in a variety of wood and natural tones, bringing interest and texture to any room setting.

natural reeds, grasses and bamboo

expertly woven to retain textures

designer ambiance
exotic to casual, formal to rustic

standard pulley system, clutch system and cordless available

edge banding and privacy liners

limited lifetime warranty

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In order to meet the new Roman Shade requirements of the 2nd Provisional American National Standard, Turnils has developed a cord shroud, CordShield™, to be used when fabricating Roman Style shades and Woven Woods. CordShield™ is designed so that when used in accordance with Turnils fabrication specifications, the cords become less accessible and less able to form a loop that could pose a risk of strangulation.

Classic Roman

classic roman

The classic roman shade hangs flat when lowered, folding in a neat and even waterfall to the rear of the shade when raised. Pull cords control the operation of the shade. The classic roman is a perfect operating system for most window applications.

Cordless Roman

cordless roman

Continuing with the style and classic elegance of the classic roman, the cordless roman allows the shade to be precisely positioned at the desired height without the use of pull cords. The cordless roman operating system enhances shade safety while removing the operating cords from view.

Roman with Roller Clutch

roman with roller clutch

The roman with roller clutch shade looks just like the classic roman, with a continuous cord loop mechanism added for easy control that locks at the desired height. The roller clutch requires less pull force to lift heavy shades, and is often used in applications where ease of raising and lowering the shade is a primary concern.

Top-Down / Bottom-Up


These versatile woven wood shades can be raised up from the bottom, or lowered down from the top. This is an excellent feature for applications in which natural light and a sense of privacy are desirable.


2-on-1 headrail

The 2-on-1 headrail operating system is a great fit for larger window applications because it allows for two shades to be mounted on the same headrail. Each shade is controlled independently.

Operable Liner

Operable Liner

The operable liner raises and lowers independently of the classic roman woven wood shade. While the operable liner resembles a roman shade when raised, the liner is not intended for use as a stand alone shade or as an independent shade.

This custom upgrade gives you the ultimate in light control. Raise the operable liner with a separate control to allow natural light to filter through the woven reeds and grasses of your woven wood shade. In the same way, you may lower the operable liner for added privacy and blocked view-through.

Edge banding puts a finishing touch on woven wood shades. Choose a coordinating color against your selected woven wood fabric for a subtle, finished look, or, choose a contrasting color for a bolder designer look. These colors are available in both 1" and 2" traditional and 3” decorative options.
edge banding options

1˝ and 2˝ solid colors

3˝ decorative colors

We offer two liner options for woven wood shades: the standard liner and the operable liner. The standard liner operates along with the woven wood shade. The operable liner is a custom upgrade and allows for the liner to be operated independently of the woven wood shade. This allows for some view-through to the outside on the bottom of the shade. It is not intended for use as a stand alone shade or as an independent shade. Liners are white to the outside and resemble a roman shade when raised.  Both are offered in the colors below:

Light Controls

shade with no liner

Woven wood shades alone filter rather than block light. These shades provide daylight privacy.

Shade with No Liner
shade with privacy liner

For additional privacy at night a liner upgrade is recommended. "Light Filtering" liners filter daylight and prevent view-through.

Shade with Privacy Liner
shade with room darkening liner

"Room Darkening" liners provide increased light blockage. All liners are white to the outside.

Shade with Room Darkening Liner

standard liner


operable liner