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For the past 20 years, Eclipse® Shutters have been North America's top selling plantation shutter. Now available with UltraSatin™ finish, a revolutionary technology that successfully achieves the look of a premium painted shutter. Eclipse Shutters with UltraSatin finish brings elegance to any interior with the soft, matte lustre of freshly painted wood and will always look as luxurious as the day they were installed. 

Polyresin 3®

classic design with energy-efficient construction
will not fade, crack, chip, peel or warp
never needs refinishing

blends with contemporary or traditional interior design
perfect for residential as well as commercial applications

GREENGUARD® Gold Certified for Children and Schools, Fire Retardant-NFPA 701 Certified, Best for Kids™ Certified

tilt bar and Clearview® hidden rear tilt


  • 2½", 3½" or 4½" louver sizes
  • 3 neutral colors: cotton, vanilla and pearl
  • patented specialty shapes: arches, rakes and angles
  • deluxe or standard divider rails
  • seven frame options
  • french door cut out application
  • bi-fold and by-pass track systems with standard or decorative valances

25-year warranty

Eclipse Shutters Louver Operations

Eclipse Shutters are available in the standard center tilt bar or in the Cleaview® "hidden" rear tilt option. The standard center tilt bar offers the traditional plantation shutter look and feel. We have eliminated unsightly tilt bar mouse holes and staples that tend to rust. Our more modern Clearview option has a hidden rear tilt bar that offers a completely unobstructed view.

Eclipse Shutters Louver Sizes

Eclipse® Shutters are available in three louver sizes: 2½" louver, 3½" louver, or 4½" louver. Our 2½" louver offers the most traditional look, while our more modern 3½" and 4½" louver sizes make a statement in any room and offer more view to the outside. The 3½" louver has 56% more view through than the 2½" louver. The 4½" louver has 108% more view through than the 2½" louver.

Eclipse® Shutters are available in seven different frame options ranging from classic to decorative.

Inside Mount: Z frame, trim frame, deluxe trim frame, L frame, casing sill/decorative L

Outside Mount: casing, L frame, casing sill/decorative L

Eclipse Shutters Frames

Eclipse® Shutters are available in many different configurations, ranging from single panel shutters to multi-panel bi-folds. One common configuration is a two-panel shutter. This can be ordered as a "left/right" which opens from the center. A two-panel shutter can also be ordered as bi-folding panels that slide and fold open. Bi-fold configurations are a perfect solution for door openings and closets.

Eclipse Shutters Configuration

Should you choose to add a divider rail to your Eclipse® Shutters, there are two options available: the Standard Divider Rail and the Deluxe Divider Rail. The purpose of a divider rail is to allow light to shine in from two separate sections. While you may want the lower portion of your shutters to remain closed, the top section above the divider rail can be left open to allow light in while still offering complete privacy. The Deluxe Divider Rail provides a built-in handle for opening and closing your shutter.

Sometimes divider rails are not a choice. They add the ability to control light and privacy but they are also a structural member of the shutter and required on heights over 60".

Eclipse Shutters Divider Rails

To accommodate all types of architecture, there are 11 specialty shapes available to enhance the look of Eclipse® Shutters: half circle, eyebrow, elliptical, quarter circle, tunnel, octagon, hexagon, symmetrical angle top, angle top, half rake and full rake. Give your home the finishing touch with Eclipse Shutters specialty shapes.

Eclipse Shutters Specialty Shapes
The beauty of plantation shutters are not meant for windows alone! Eclipse® Shutters offers the French Door Cutout to enhance the elegance and sophistication of any room. The contoured design accommodates all the latest door options and the handle operates freely without interference from the shutter.
Eclipse Shutters French Door Cutout

Eclipse® Shutters are offered as Bi-fold and By-pass track systems that can be used not only on windows, but on doors, closets and even to separate living spaces.

The Bi-fold track system is commonly used for patio and closet doors. They can also be an option for large windows since this system allows the shutters to slide and fold open.

The By-pass track system can be used on doors, as well as a room divider or to separate living spaces. This system allows shutter panels to slide from left and right.

Bi-fold and By-pass track systems work best when the optional deluxe divider rail is incorporated. The deluxe divider rail acts as a built-in handle to comfortably operate large shutters.

Eclipse Shutters Track Systems