Vertical Blinds


Decomatic® Plus Vertical Blind operating systems offer configurations for standard louver widths of 2″, 3½” and 5″, but also alternate widths up to 7” are available. With over 20 different system shapes, various stacking and control systems, the Decomatic® Vertical Blinds system will satisfy the most demanding applications.


printed, smooth and embossed faux wood vanes


recognized as a world leader in vertical blind systems since 1968 stainless steel spacer system that provides 100% equal spacing, corrosion resistant and 100 times stronger than plastic

clutched traveller; protects vanes and traveller from breakage, vanes are easily realigned with the control chain


width up to 20 ft; cover large openings with one head rail and save money

tightest curving radius; head rail can be curved into radiuses as small as 18” (36” hoop), to accommodate the most demanding applications

replaceable traveller hook; easy to repair on site without removal or disassembly

options & styles


coordinating headrails, bottomrails & components

top & bottom: V020

bay window: V030/V031, V032

slope: V040/V041, V050, V060/V061, V070

horizontally curved: V080, V081, V082

vertically curved: V090, V091, V092/V094, V093, V095, V096

skylight: V025


anodized, white

Clutched Traveler

protects vanes and traveler from breakage, vanes are easily realigned with the control chain

operating systems

Cordless Options



IQ2 Motorization is a plug-n- play low voltage system that traverses and rotates the louvers, available on all head rails and can be paired with many control options to suit your customers’ needs, seamlessly integrates with Somfy® RTS controls.

Corded Options



Uses wand to traverse and rotate the vanes.


Cord Chain

Uses cord/ chain to traverse and rotate the vanes.


Vertical Sample Deck | T13-107


11 colors of 3½” vanes

printed, smooth & embossed